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Senior Electrical Engineer

Storm4 has an extensive portfolio of Senior Electrical Engineers who are passionate about driving change towards a sustainable future through engineering excellence

Is your GreenTech business looking for the next Senior Electrical Engineer to direct the electrical design and development of projects? Or are you looking to start your next role as a Senior Electrical Engineer in a tech company that champions sustainability? Storm4 connects top Electrical Engineering talent and disruptive GreenTech businesses passionate about building a greener future.

These professionals possess a wealth of knowledge in the field of electrical engineering and the experience required to bring ground-breaking projects that have sustainability at their core to life.

The Senior Electrical Engineer is responsible for the entirety of the Electrical Engineering team and oversees all projects. They are key in the design, development, and monitoring of electrical components, in addition to directing the team in conducting innovative research that will positively impact and improve existing electrical systems.

Key Senior Electrical Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Lead the analysis of existing electrical systems, conduct research, and implement cost-effective improvements
  • Oversee the maintenance and improvement of engineering processes
  • Prepare or interpret electrical drawings according to the project specifications
  • Liaise with clients, vendors, and suppliers to ensure projects are completed according to specifications
  • Develop, supervise, and implement best-practice engineering policies and practices
  • Influence and guide a team of engineers, providing leadership and mentorship to nurture top engineering talent

GreenTech businesses are looking for Senior Electrical Engineers that will strive to maintain the technical edge of the company through engineering excellence and leadership.

Storm4 is proud to partner with GreenTech startups and businesses that are on a mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future and connect them with Senior Electrical Engineers that will be instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.

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