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Finance Manager

Storm4 has a network of experienced Finance Manager’s who strive to ensure the financial health of your company

If you’re searching for your next Finance Manager role or to fill a Finance Manager vacancy, Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced finance professionals who drive the best financial results for your organization. We connect some of the most disruptive GreenTech companies with Finance professionals who have a genuine passion for all things finance, growth and success.

These professionals hold an immense amount of experience and are true leaders in their specialities, morphing finance with best sustainability practices to accelerate the transition to a better tomorrow.

Working in close cooperation with the finance leadership team, a Finance Manager oversees the financial operations of the organization, helping to develop and implement financial strategies and plans to achieve the company’s goals and ambitions.

Key Finance Manager responsibilities include:

  • Performing financial management duties, including assessing the financial health of the company, compiling reports and generating financial data
  • Overseeing the operations and development of the company’s finance departments and budgets
  • Creating and reviewing financial policies Producing financial forecasts based on data analytics
  • Conducting financial audits to establish credibility, monitoring and enforcing compliance with tax and financial reporting standards
  • Implementing cost-cutting strategies whenever necessary

The best fit for a Finance Manager is someone who breathes numbers and is proficient in creating financial reports and budgets.

Storm4 are proud to work and match some of the most renowned finance professionals in the market with the most innovative GreenTech’s accelerating the mission of a more sustainable world.

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Finance & Operations Jobs in GreenTech

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