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VP Of Operations (VP)

Storm4 has a network of experienced VP of Operations professionals who strive to empower operational excellence

If you’re searching for your next VP of Operations role or to fill a current VP vacancy, Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced Ops leaders who ensure daily business practices meet operational goals and produce maximum efficiency. We connect some of the most innovative GreenTech companies with Operation specialists and operational management professionals who have a history of exceptional industry forecasting and successful budget management that can determine ways to increase company efficiency.

These professionals usually report directly to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and may serve as a liaison between the Chief Operating Officer and mid-management leaders. A VP of Operations also advises the COO on a business strategy, stakeholder relations, and key partnerships, often expected to handle problems before they reach the COO.

Key VP Of Operations responsibilities include:

  • Ensure business practices meet company goals and maximize efficiency
  • Oversee compliance with relevant regulations and policies
  • Facilitate leadership development within the company
  • Make suggestions for process improvement
  • Handle employee hiring or terminations

The best fit for a VP of Operations is someone who is a subject matter expert, a thought leader and being technically versed in all things that help streamline and improve company operations. 

Storm4 is proud to work and match some of the best senior operations professionals in the market with pioneering GreenTech’s of our generation.  

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