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Director of Battery Engineering

Storm4 has a network of experienced Directors of Battery Engineering who are on a mission to drive change towards clean energy through engineering excellence

Are you looking to find your next role as a Director of Battery Engineering, or are you searching for your next lead to oversee the Battery Engineering teams? Storm4 has a network of pioneering Directors of Battery Engineering talent who strive to promote engineering excellence and innovation in energy storage. We partner with some of the most ground-breaking GreenTech businesses, connecting them with Directors of Battery Engineering and a wide range of engineering professionals who have a genuine passion for innovation in the field of clean and sustainable energy.

These professionals possess unparalleled engineering experience to guide and influence a team of engineers as they bring their visionary products to life. 

The Director of Battery Engineering is responsible for the entirety of the Battery department and oversees all team activities, from conceptualization to execution and management of successful product design.

Key Director of Battery Engineering responsibilities include:

  • Lead the conceptualization, design, execution, and management of products on the Battery Engineering team
  • Provide technical direction and oversee product development to guarantee an efficient product manufacturability
  • Establish and implement the department’s KPIs while monitoring budgets to meet goals
  • Oversee resource availability and allocation and collaborate on materials development
  • Work with safety and operations, amongst other stakeholders, while conducting failure analysis and validation testing
  • Influence and guide a team of Engineers, providing leadership and mentorship to nurture top engineering talent

GreenTech leaders are looking for professionals that will strive to maintain the technical edge of the company through engineering excellence and leadership, and that are eager to design products with sustainability at the core.

Storm4 is proud to connect leading Directors of Battery Engineering with GreenTechs that are accelerating the transition to clean energy and a green future.

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