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Data & Analytics Recruitment To Help You Achieve Your Mission

Data and Analytics functions are vital in influencing how companies manoeuvre through business. Powerful data solutions guide how Sustainable Tech companies structure their systems, set their strategy and build their teams for an effective business. Companies that harness data and analytics in an effective way will have a competitive edge over their competition.

Our Data & Analytics talent network is made up of senior GreenTech leaders in the top tier of their market. We work with C-Suite and senior leaders across the world that are building and leading high-performance data & analytics teams in established and start up GreenTechs. Our database is comprised of Chief Analytics Officers, Senior Insights Managers and Heads of Data Science who execute big data analysis daily to drive business strategy. They are technically skilled with the ability to manage the company’s data cycle and ensure quality in all their analyses.

If you are looking to hire a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to steer the direction of your business strategy, or an Insights Director that will lead your research approach, we have the right candidates for you. Our vast network of senior talent have experience within the GreenTech sector and will bring a wealth of experience to your Data and Analytics teams.

Connecting GreenTech Talent

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Storm4 Data & Analytics candidates work cross-functionally in CleanTech or Sustainability Tech businesses, taking an active role in the senior leadership team, coordinating with C-Suite and board members to promote a data-driven strategy, and working with Finance teams to ensure the numbers add up. They will work closely with Product teams to ensure the product is made and improved using user-centric data.

As data & analytics recruiters, we speak to the very best senior data talent everyday. Our focus on the GreenTech industry means that we are best placed to build and expand your team to help achieve your mission.

Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Scientist, Analytics Director, Data Director, Data Science Director, Insight Director, Data Strategy Director, Data Governance Director, Head of Analytics, Head of Insight, Head of Data, Head of Data Science, Head of Data Strategy, Business Intelligence Director, Senior Business Analyst, Data Intelligence Director, Data Science Consultant and Data Engineer

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