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Director of Product Marketing

Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced Director of Product Marketers who champion product brilliance and drive business results.

Are you looking to expand your team to drive business revenue? The Director of Product Marketing fuses market, consumer, product and competitive inputs to do just that. At Storm4, we work with a vast network of product marketers, connecting them with GreenTech pioneers to drive sales with sustainability at their core.

These professionals hold a wealth of experience and exposure from interactive marketing positions to make them a key asset in driving the businesses growth.

A collaborative role, the Director of Product Marketing performs activities to target consumers, sales messaging development, competitive analysis and product differentiation. This person will instinctively understand the details of the market and buyer personas to achieve their primary responsibility; generating sales.

Key Director Of Product Marketing responsibilities include:

  • Working with the product management and development teams to translate consumer needs into product requirements
  • Enhance product definition and positioning using competitive information, market and product analysis
  • Analayze data and market trends with customer feedback to shape a go-to market strategy
  • Develop and nurture strong relations with customers to always be in the know-how of their pain points
  • Develop and maintain relations with customers to understand their needs well
  • Leads an intuitive product marketing team as well as mentors the Head of Product and other junior product personnel

The ideal professional will have a strong background working across product positioning, pricing, and packaging, whilst being data-driven and an influential leader.

We pride ourselves on partnering with the biggest emerging GreenTech names on the market, connecting them with the best Directors Of Product Marketing talent to scale their business and drive sustainable innovation.

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