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Vice President Of Product (VP)

Storm4 has a network of exemplary VP of Product professionals who are passionate product visionaries to achieve product excellence in everything they do.

If you’re looking for your next role as a VP of product, or are looking to fill this vacancy, Storm4 has a network of experienced Product VPs who are on a mission to cultivate a green future with ground-breaking innovations. We match renowned VPs with GreenTech pioneers who are creating products to transform the world we live in.

These senior professionals hold a wealth of product experience and are true leaders within their profession. 

Leading a team toward achieving strategic initiatives, a VP of Product directs the technical vision for the product of a given company. They serve as a key asset for developers and engineers, being responsible for intersecting product strategy and technology.

Key VP Of Product responsibilities include:

  • Driving product strategy, road-mapping and execution across the business
  • Communicating a clear product management discipline within the team
  • Defining and following strong product development processes and practices in close partnership with the CTO
  • Working with product leaders within the team to remove any roadblocks and ensure alignment is a top priority
  • Collaborating with engineers and product managers to check for viability and negotiate improvements using data and analytics

Leaders will be looking for professionals with an understanding of product management processes, holding a complementary vision for the product and its road map. They will hold strong business acumen, be a great problem solver with outstanding communication skills.

We’re proud that some of the leading VP’s of Product are currently working with Storm4 to accelerate a sustainable future.

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