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Senior Product Manager

Storm4 has a portfolio of experienced Senior Product Managers who promote product excellence throughout the product lifecycle.

Are you searching for a Senior Product Manager to lead and direct the product development and execution in your GreenTech? Are you a product enthusiast driven by data with sustainability in mind? Storm4 connect senior talent with pioneering GreenTech leaders to build strong, innovative teams to accelerate a greener, sustainable future.

These professionals are key assets to every product team, being a creative leader and problem-solver to become profound global players in the GreenTech market.

Being on the front-line to oversee the product development process, the Senior Product Manager is tasked with translating ideas into a defining strategy and following the product lifecycle through, from conception to launch. They are charged with guiding the product line contribution, with a primary goal of increasing profitability through existing and developing products.

Key Senior Product Manager responsibilities include:

  • Develop and implement product strategies consistent with the company vision
  • Track and analayze feedback from customers, stakeholders and other teams to mould requirements, features and end products
  • Work with senior management to create product plans and roadmaps
  • Make innovative recommendation to expand product line and vision
  • Work with product personnel to ensure products launches are released correctly and timely
  • Lead product managers and coordinate cross-functional teams to meet the overall business goal

To succeed in this role, GreenTech leaders will be looking for product experts who hold a blend of business and technical savvy knowledge to transform a vision into a reality. They are influential leaders who have a desire to grow and mentor the team alongside the business.

We pride ourselves on partnering with emerging GreenTech startups with great potential to empower their growth via our established network of senior product talent. If you are looking to find your next product leader, get in touch.

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