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Senior Product Architect

Storm4 has a network of experienced Senior Product Architects who strive to make an architectural vision a reality.

If you’re searching for a Senior Product Architect, or are looking for your next Senior Product Architect role, Storm4 have an established network of experienced Senior Product Architects who strive to stimulate architectural virtuosity and strategy across GreenTech products/services. We partner with pioneering GreenTech companies to connect them with senior architectural talent.

These professionals hold exemplary experience working with ground-breaking tech pioneers, being true leaders and product futurists in their field.

Requiring technical skills and business insight, the Senior Product Architect will drive the collective understanding and future needs of the business infrastructure and ensure that technology investments enable the future. This is a crucial role that focuses on building consumer trust through immaculate system design and guidance to ensure services meet customer expectations.

Key Senior Product Architect responsibilities include:

  • Champion, define and review new product and technology plans, working with product management, sales and engineer teams
  • Understand the product vision and business needs to define product requirements and product architectural solutions
  • Work closely with the Chief Product Architect, VP of Product and VP of Engineering to successfully deliver GreenTech products from conception to launch
  • Attain deep knowledge about current state of architecture and infrastructure landscape to tap into business opportunities/problems to design the next gen architecture
  • Engage in technical partnerships and partner workshops to spot market opportunities and evolve the architectural ecosystem
  • Strengthen the design and implementation decision of the team by mentoring and guiding their growth development

As the commitment towards a green future grows closer, GreenTech leaders are looking for architect professionals who have a passion for building teams that operate seamlessly at scale and have the ability to perform under stringent timelines in the fast-paced world of renewable tech.

We’re proud that some of the best Senior Product Architects in GreenTech are currently working with Storm4.

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